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    Eduard Strauss was born in Vienna on 21 April 1955 as the son of the sixth – and to date last – musician in the family (descended from Johann Strauss I.) – conductor Eduard Strauss II. (1910 – 1969). After primary school, he attended the traditional „Scottish secondary school“(„Schottengymnasium“) in Vienna, whose pupils also included his great great uncles Johann II. and Josef. He completed his schooling there with the university entrance examination in 1973. He went on to study law at Vienna University, and after completing his coursework in 1978 obtained his doctorate on 1 February 1979. He started working in the courts in February of the same year, and enjoyed this work so much that he decided to become a judge. He was accepted for preparatory service, which he successfully concluded in 1982, passing the examination for the office of judge. Since then he has worked as a judge – since 1 January 1997 as a civil law judge at Vienna Higher Regional Court of Appeal. Since 1 January 2006 he was appointed “Senatspräsident” (president of a chamber/a panel). Since 1. May 2020 he retired.

    As a child, he often had the opportunity of experiencing for himself the spell that holds the audience at his father’s concerts. His love of music has always played a significant role in his life. For many years he was an active member (baritone) of the traditional „Vienna Men’s Choral Association“, to whom many well-known (choral) waltzes by Johann Strauss II. were dedicated, and which also performed them for the first time. One example is the waltz „On the Beautiful Blue Danube“. He has been singing with the outstanding „Schola Cantorum“ choral society in Vienna since 1995 (http://www.scholacantorum.at/).

    For many years, he has devoted himself to the family history in his spare time, to Strauss research and maintaining the Strauss legacy. This involves looking beyond the sentimentality and giving serious consideration to the family’s history and rnusic. As a result, he also takes a great interest in the activities of the international Strauss societies and is, for example, „honorary patron“ of the Johann Strauss Society of Great Britain, and an honorary rnember of the Swedish, French, German and Czech Strauss Societies. From 1987 to 1991 he was president of the Johann Strauss-Society Vienna. Since 1995 he has been president of the newly formed „Vienna Institute for Strauss Research“ whose main goal is the publication of the first scientifically produced catalogue of the works of Johann Strauss II – the „Strauss-Elementar-Verzeichnis (SEV)“ and of the works of the other composers of the family (i.e. Johann I., Josef, Eduard I. and Johann III.) – the „Strauss-Allianz-Verzeichnis (SAV)“.

    He has been married to pharmacist Susanne (née Kienast) since 12 September 1986. The couple had two sons, Michael – born 28 July 1988 died 5 July 2012 – and Thomas – born 24 January 1990.