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    Tanz-Signale/Dance Signals postponed to 2023

    After a break of two years due to covid restrictions, the Vienna Institute for Strauss Research had hoped to resume its annual symposium in 2022. However, for a variety of reasons, it has now been fixed that the next Tanz-Signale/Dance Signals will not take place until 16 to 19 March 2023. The general topic will be the interface between military music and music for entertainment.


    The symposium, which takes its name from the waltz Tanz-Signale, op. 218, by Johann Strauss I, was first held in 2004 to mark the bicentenary of his birth. Up to 2019 the symposium was held in the middle of March around the anniversary of the births of Johann I and Eduard I on 14 and 15 March respectively. The 2020 symposium, with the focus on Josef Strauss to mark the 150th anniversary of his death, had to be cancelled at short notice, but the papers which were to have been presented were published by the Applied Music Research Centre of the Danube University Krems as part of their large-scale project on the second Strauss brother and his music: Associationen. Josef Strauss 1827–1870 (Vienna: Hollitzer, 2021). The text is in German with the exception of the contributions by Leigh Bailey and Peter Kemp, which are in English.