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    written by Dr. Eduard Strauss


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    For recent updates please see German version!


    Stage or concert performances of all seventeen of Johann Strauss II’s works for the stage within a reasonably short period – for the first time ever!

    The interpretations should be as close as possible to the original versions.

    The performances should take place in the countries along the Danube and in neighbouring regions of Europe.

    This musical heritage should be performed as a way of bringing the peoples of Europe together and providing a link between past, present and future.

    Cross-border exchange of productions so that they can be seen by as many people as possible throughout Europe.

    Accompanying exhibitions

    Co-ordination, public relations, project support and counselling

    Finding sponsors for performances of the less well-known operettas

    The EJSF got off to a dazzling start on 19 June 2004, with the first of a much praised series of performances of Simplicius at the Landestheater in Coburg. The production also set new standards and provided some specific ideas for the future. Thanks to the many years of solid and detailed preparatory work, the orchestra’s leader, Ralph Braun, was able to provide the correct (and necessary) finishing touches and, together with the highly motivated, committed ensemble, who gave a captivating performance, not only brought out the intentions of this operetta in a way that was clear and easy to understand but also found a manner of presentation that pointed to new paths for the serious reception of Strauss’s works in the twenty-first century.

    More Information about this production can be found at www.arts-ralph-braun.de
    A non-comercial DVD can be purchased from Ralph Braun (mail to: kisum@freenet.de)

    I am happy to be able to report that the Dresden Staatsoperette Company regards its successful production of Carnival in Rome as part of the EJSF. And Wolfgang Schaller, the company’s manager and artistic director, has more plans. His programme and further information can be found at www.staatsoperette-dresden.de.

    On 2 July 2005 a remarkable performance of Jabuka took place on the Spielberk in Brno.

    PERFORMANCES PLANNED (as of September 2005)
    – Landestheater, Coburg, Germany: Cervantes or The Queen’s Lace Handkerchief on 26 June 2006

    Details will be given as soon as they are available here on: www.johann-strauss.at

    INTEREST in participating has been shown by: Vienna State Opera; Stuttgart Philharmonic Society; Komedija Theatre, Zagreb; Vanemuine Theatre, Tartu, Estonia.

    CONTACTS have been established with the Bregenz Festival; the Neue Oper Company, Vienna; Bucharest, Belgrade and Timisoara.

    I call on all Strauss enthusiasts and Strauss societies to do their utmost to support the EJSF!

    For recent updates please see German version!